CyberloQ is an integrated identity management tool that secures your valuable data and client information with an aggressive, proactive approach. CyberloQ’s advanced authentication algorithms – and industry leading geofencing capabilities – gives you complete control of your data with little to no room for exploitation.

Multifactor Authentication secures your data by requiring multiple methods of identification before a user can login. CyberloQ’s MFA verifies uses using multiple methods, from independent categories, to verify user identity for login, transactions, or access to other sensitive information.

PASSKEY – A traditional password, a unique string of characters is used to verify users during the authentication process.

GEOLOCATION – Users are authenticated via real-world geographic location data using mobile or radar data.

BIOMETRIC – From fingerprints to retinal scans, users are verified based on unique biological traits or markers.

Industry Leading Geofencing Technology

Have employees working throughout an entire city? Easily set a Geofence to cover those limits.

BY BUILDING – Have sensitive data spread throughout your office? Extend a Geofence to an entire floor or building.

BY ROOM – Secure your devices at the most granular level, by creating a Geofence as small as the size of a single room or office.

Why CyberloQ?

CyberloQ is a proactive, Multifactor Authentication application for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Wherever you are, whatever device you’re using, CyberloQ is there. CyberloQ keeps user’s sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in “non-active” status, only accessible through a secure authentication process.

Utilizing elements of a user’s PIN – in combination with the unique MEID or UDID of the mobile device – CyberloQ creates a robust perimeter that prevents would-be hackers from activating user’s accounts.

Leveraging Google’s geolocation service, CyberloQ creates a virtual boundary – otherwise known as a Geofence – around each user and their confidential information. CyberloQ’s Geofencing functionality is compatible with most wireless technology, including cellular networks, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

Whether it’s a designated perimeter over a city, building, or even within a single room, if a user’s designated Geofenced cyber perimeter is breached, the account is immediately disabled. To breach a CyberloQ Geofence, hackers would need all the user’s PIN data, be in possession of the user’s personal mobile device, and be physically within the designated Geofence.

CyberloQ Geofencing provides a flexible and easy to use proactive cyber security measure. It creates a scalable hardened target and keeps cyber criminals on the outside – where they belong.

Who Needs CyberloQ?

Any organization that cares about their reputation – and their bottom line. Cybercrime – and not having a strong defense – can cost organization billions of dollars, not to mention a tarnished reputation. Protecting your assets with CyberloQ allows you rest easy knowing that sensitive data is safe, and to focus your company on growth and productivity.

A recent Cyber Crime Study by Accenture found that nearly $12 million is spent annually to combat cybersecurity. Organizations experience an average of 130 successful security breaches per year, and the rate is increasing at an alarming 27% annually. The average cost of cybercrime has also risen 62%.