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What is CyberloQ?

CyberloQ is an integrated identity management tool that offers benefits to not only your bottom line, but to your customers and clients. CyberloQ secures your valuable data and client information with an aggressive, proactive approach. CyberloQ’s advanced authentication algorithms – and industry leading geofencing capabilities – gives you complete control of your data with little to no room for exploitation.

Give your customers and clients the tools they need to take security into their own hands, with the assurance that CyberloQ is always protecting them. If you care about your growth, profitability, and reputation, then CyberloQ is for you.

Who Needs CyberloQ?

Any organization that cares about their reputation – and their bottom line. Cybercrime – and not having a strong defense – can cost organization billions of dollars, not to mention a tarnished reputation. Protecting your assets with CyberloQ allows you rest easy knowing that sensitive data is safe, and to focus your company on growth and productivity.

A recent Cyber Crime Study by Accenture found that nearly $12 million is spent annually to combat cybersecurity. Organizations experience an average of 130 successful security breaches per year, and the rate is increasing at an alarming 27% annually. The average cost of cybercrime has also risen 62%.

Why CyberloQ?

CyberloQ is a proactive, Multifactor Authentication application for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Wherever you are, whatever device you’re using, CyberloQ is there. CyberloQ keeps user’s sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in “non-active” status, only accessible through a secure authentication process.

Utilizing elements of a user’s PIN – in combination with the unique MEID or UDID of the mobile device – CyberloQ creates a robust perimeter that prevents would-be hackers from activating user’s accounts.

Leveraging Google’s geolocation service, CyberloQ creates a virtual boundary – otherwise known as a Geofence – around each user and their confidential information. CyberloQ’s Geofencing functionality is compatible with most wireless technology, including cellular networks, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

Whether it’s a designated perimeter over a city, building, or even within a single room, if a user’s designated Geofenced cyber perimeter is breached, the account is immediately disabled. To breach a CyberloQ Geofence, hackers would need all the user’s PIN data, be in possession of the user’s personal mobile device, and be physically within the designated Geofence.

CyberloQ Geofencing provides a flexible and easy to use proactive cyber security measure. It creates a scalable hardened target and keeps cyber criminals on the outside – where they belong