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For those of you who have used the Ivanti product lines for some time – Do you remember LANDESK Enhanced Package Builder? It was a great and simple tool to help build software distribution packages.  You’d install the Enhanced Package Builder on a device, take a snapshot, install the software, take another snapshot and then you’d have a package that you could easily distribute with software distribution. Good news! It’s back!

In version 2017.3 Ivanti released InstallEase. It allows you to create an MSI package to deliver software or registry settings. If you have software that needs to be configured after it’s installed (for example adding a key or web address), rather than creating batch files or PowerShell scripts to run after the software is installed – now you can have one package to install the software AND make the needed configurations.

The program is located in the ManagementSuite\Utilities\InstallEase. Also, there is a PDF file that describes how to InstallEase in 13 easy steps.

Below are some highlights:

















You can select next or settings to set some basic options for the applications operation.

















You have a few options here.

















Depending on how your software installs there are a few more options of what to take a snapshot of.

















Now you’re ready to install the software.  When the software is installed and configured press the Take snapshot button then take a little break.

















Once the snapshotting process is complete you have the option to save and name the MSI package.
















That’s it. You’re ready to distribute the software.

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