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IvantiIdentity Workflow + Ivanti Automation

Deliver predictable access to apps, data and, services based on identity

Cloud and mobile have transformed the way IT delivers services to the business. Without an automated way to manage identities, IT has a difficult time managing complex access rules. Ivanti Identity Director, powered by RES, provides an attribute-based approach to identity and access with automated provisioning, workflows, and self service. People get the right levels of access based on their identity, giving them the ability to stay productive, while the business remains secure.

Ivanti Identity Director combines identity workflow and Ivanti automation to help enterprises balance security and productivity:

Identity Lifecycle Management
Manage through an auditable workflow and approval processes. Control access rights and permissions as roles change.

Identity Warehouse
Collect attribute and access qualification info from existing external sources.

Automated Provisioning
Provision access to systems, apps and services based on identity to mitigate the risk of human error and avoid manual process.

Visual Workflows
Automate and manage the execution of identity related workflows.

Access Certification
Streamline manual processes associated with attestation and governance activities.

Web and Mobile Self Service
Users can request, approve, and manage available corporate apps and services via a web storefront and mobile app.

Password Reset
Allow users to reset passwords for federated and non-federated systems as part of identity workflows.

APIS and Integrations
Easily connect to third-party systems. Leverage pre-built and community connectors.

Mobile Security

A flexible framework for IAM that delivers value quickly

Don’t rely on static solutions that can’t move with the pace of your users. Automated provisioning, workflows, and self service allow you to establish and enforce policies.

Mobile Security