Ivanti Xtraction – New Product Updates, Including GDPR Compliance

//Ivanti Xtraction – New Product Updates, Including GDPR Compliance

Ivanti recently released another connector for Xtraction. Through the connector for Ivanti Identity Director, powered by RES, critical information related to who has been granted access to applications, data and other resources can easily be reported on. This is especially important as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in 2018. Organizations must be prepared to face strict controls around protecting sensitive data.

Coming in early 2018, we will see the latest release of Xtraction with some big improvements. One of the biggest is the replacement of the Adobe Flash interface with HTML5. With browsers starting to block Flash, the security concerns and announced end of life it is a very welcome and awaited change. Moving forward it will allow for greater compatibility with more devices and features. “I was given a sneak peek at the upcoming HTML5 version of Xtraction and I was very impressed with what I saw!” said Mark Moody, Senior Technical Consultant, Network America. “If I was not told it was HTML5 I would have assumed I was looking at the Flash interface still.”

The next big improvement comes with the Enterprise version of Xtraction. It will allow unlimited viewers of dashboards and reports. No longer will you be limited by the concurrent licenses. If your organization currently has the Standard version of Xtraction, you should consider upgrading to the Enterprise version. Not only will you get the unlimited viewer licenses in the next release but you can also create additional connectors to almost any other data source outside of your current Ivanti connections. You can purchase pre-built third party connectors or create as many custom database connectors as you like.
To see the current list of connectors for Xtraction you can view them here.

If you would like pricing on the Enterprise version of Xtraction or need help creating custom connections, dashboards or reports please contact us. Whether you have a simple Ivanti license question or face a complex challenge, our team of experts is here to help.

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