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It’s Time To Take Another Look at Ivanti MDM
And 2017.3 Ivanti Product Updates

If you’ve been on the fence about using the Ivanti MDM feature you might want to take another look. Ivanti released 2017.3 it is packed with updated and new features. Ivanti added a new agent settings Mobile iOS Configuration/Configure Profile Editor. With this new application you can configure iOS, MacOS and TvOS profiles to distribute to your devices. Take a look at this list of available configurations:


















I’m not going to go through each and every one I’ll just take a quick look at a few that peaked my interest.

Note – You’re going to see several of the tools have changed their appearance as this screenshot shows:







Here’s an example of using the Restrictions tool. Worth pointing out is the feature that shows which iOS systems the particular restriction will apply to:









The ability to prevent end users from changing the profiles you send to the devices can now be accomplished. The ‘Disable the App Store’ feature will not let the user override the setting:

Content filtering lets you can create the white and black lists to meet your corporate requirements:







With the newest Ivanti features it easier than ever to manage and secure your mobile devices.

Ivanti 2017.3 Changes, Highlights and New Features

New Patch Engine in Ivanti Endpoint Manager

    • Definition Downloads has a new feature Next Gen Microsoft Windows Vulnerabilities (beta).
    • Content Changes. Next Gen definition will contain a pre-defined fixed script for Detection and Remediation
    • Distribution and Patch Agent Setting To enhance the log level for all Next Gen content definitions

Features and Changes in Software Distribution

    • Settings for the Portal Manager
    • Service Manager Canned Application
    • Branding items that you can be modified
    • New Portal Manager UI

New features/changes in Endpoint Security

    • Auto Actions
    • Actions when detecting a virus
    • Triggers
      • Triggered by Malware
      • Triggered by Ransomware
    • Actions
      • Isolate form Network
      • Shutdown or Restart
      • Run Security Scan
      • Deploy a package

New for Mac in Endpoint Manager

    • High Sierra Support
    • Mac Provisioning
    • MacOS Configuration Profile Editor
    • Agent Settings

New Alerting Features

    • Remove Flash-based Alerting
    • New and Improved UI for Alerting settings
    • Location-based alerts

New Power Management Features

Re-added Ability to Turn Power Management Off Globally

Prompt for Power setting that does not cover 24 hours 7 days a week

New Linux Agent items

Raspbian version 7 is supported with 2017.3 release with version 8 and 9 coming with SU1.

Changed agent to use conf files and No longer using .db files for inventory and switched to json.

Solaris HPux and AIX are still under legacy agent

Ubuntu is supported

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