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QuestKACE Systems Deployment Appliance

Fast and Automated OS Provisioning

Quickly and easily perform initial provisioning and ongoing administration of system images and driver updates across diverse hardware platforms — reducing operational costs and ensuring end user productivity. The KACE Systems Deployment Appliance automates large-scale system deployment and simplifies migrations of multiple operating systems, freeing your time to focus on other high priority projects. With the KACE SDA, you can:

  • Save time with automated gold master imaging and deployment
  • Quickly perform mass systems deployments to remote sites from any location

System Imaging and Deployment

Save time and simplify Windows® and Mac® disk imaging and image deployment with the KACE SDA.

Automated Deployments

Get true lights-off automated deployment with the KACE SDA’s powerful automated deployment tools.

Remote Site Management 

Reduce the time it takes to manage systems at multiple off-site locations with the remote administration and management capabilities of the virtual KACE SDA Remote Site Appliance.


Streamline your large-scale systems imaging projects with the KACE SDA’s powerful multicasting capabilities.

Windows User State Management

Simplify migrations by automatically deploying user-specific files and settings along with the operating system and applications — and virtually eliminate the risk of losing critical information.


Gain more time in your day and reduce complexity by addressing all of your systems recovery, deployment and provisioning needs with a single solution.