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IvantiPatch for Windows

Tackle OS and app-level threats and patch management needs of the Windows workstation and data center.

Many organizations juggle separate tools to patch physical and virtual servers—taking on the extra time and resources and increased risk of human error that entails. Others largely ignore the virtual environment—taking on a great deal of risk.

We have a better way: a single automated solution that spans not only physical and virtual servers but workstations as well. Ivanti Patch for Windows, powered by Shavlik, patches everything from the Windows OS to hypervisors to third-party apps.

TOTAL DISCOVERY – Scan physical and virtual systems for missing patches.

AGENTLESS PATCH DEPLOYMENT – Reduce your efforts and server footprints.

SINGLE-PANE-OF-GLASS MANAGEMENT – Gain granular, accurate control over the entire patching process.

ADVANCED REPORTING – Make better decisions, faster, with comprehensive real-time dashboards that consolidate data from multiple sources into a single view.

ADVANCED API STACK – Integrates with security solutions, vulnerability scanners, configuration management tools, and reporting tools.

REMOTE TASKS SCHEDULING – Keep the business moving. Schedule patching when it won’t impact your users.

Patch for Endpoints

Everything you need for timely, consistent patching

Patch management doesn’t have to be full of holes that could devastate your business. Patch the OS and apps, physical and virtual environments, on- and off-premises devices, and even endpoints that aren’t online—with one solution.

Patch for Endpoints