What’s New in Endpoint Manager 2017.1?

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With the formation of Ivanti Software, the LANDESK Management Suite product has been re-branded and named Ivanti Endpoint Manager effective with version 2017.1.

Check out some of the updates below…

Credential Manager:

Use the credential manager tool to centrally manage credentials for the following:

Agentless scanner, SQL servers, preferred servers

These credentials can still be configured elsewhere in many cases, but the credential manager provides a central location.

Add Custom WMI Items to Inventory Scans:

The inventory scanner can scan for WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) data items and add their values to the core database. This data is then displayed in the inventory summary.

Use this option if there are inventory items for Windows devices that you can’t find in the standard inventory summary provided with Endpoint Manager.

Mac Provisioning:

Device Name Prompter has been reworked to properly apply the device name in all the necessary values.

ComputerName, HostName, LocalHostName, DHCPName

Mac Logging:

The LANDESK.log no longer holds any relevant information on devices running Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) running an Ivanti 2017.1 Agent.

Mac Logging is now gathered via the Terminal by extracting logging information from the Unified Database provided by Apple.

Using terminal commands allow for Major Customization of the information to be extracted.

Mac Remote Control via the CSA:

Ivanti released an update to the Cloud Service appliance (CSA 4.3 patch 183) which includes an on-demand remote control tool for Mac OS. Administrators now can provide assistance to users on unmanaged Mac’s much like they’ve been able to do with Windows devices for a long time.

Manage Windows 10 PCs and Mac’s:

Enrolling a Windows 10 PCs, iMac and MacBook as an MDM device allows you to manage settings on the device similarly to a mobile device. You can also sync, wipe, lock, or unlock the device from the Ivanti Mobility Manager console.

Provisioning IF \ ELSE Conditionals:

Provisioning has the ability to make the templates intelligent by using Conditionals. This allows you to evaluate the results of an action or compare against a variable, and have your template act accordingly. If you’re deploying a laptop the template can deploy only laptop specific software and configurations to that device, while the same template used on desktops or other devices would skip those actions.

For more information on 2017.1 or upgrade questions, contact the NAI Team.

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