Which Ivanti Patch Tool is Right for You?

//Which Ivanti Patch Tool is Right for You?

Which Ivanti patch solution is right for you?

Eighty-six percent of reported vulnerabilities are found in third-party applications. In minutes, Ivanti solutions can be operating to help you catch, analyze, and remediate systems across your organization, automatically, based on procedures you specify.

Ivanti’s patching tools are proven to remediate threats, Patch for Endpoint Manager, Patch for Windows and Patch for Linux, Unix, Mac but which one is right for you? Are you patching servers, desktops or laptops? Do you have a staff that’s always out of the office or working remotely? Do you want agentless or an agent? Let’s take a look at these Ivanti patching tools to find the right tool for you.

Patch for Endpoint Manager
Patch for Endpoint Manager quickly displays all of the patches installed on all of your systems, whether those patches were installed by Ivanti or elsewhere. The solution also performs vulnerability assessment detect and remediate operating system and third-party application vulnerabilities on systems running Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, and Apple Mac OS X. Also detect and report vulnerabilities on systems running HP-UX. Additionally you’ll be able to control when patches are installed and whether to reboot or snooze the selected systems after patching.

• Agent Based for Windows, Mac, Linux and HP-UX
• Remediate Third Party Applications
• Distributed and Remote Patching
• Configured with the Ivanti Cloud Services Appliance allows you to manage systems that don’t connect regularly to the corporate network
• Automated and Scheduled Patching
• Rollout Projects can automate, or require administrator intervention to make sure content doesn’t progress until you approve it.
• Scheduling of pre-built reports

Patch for Windows
Ivanti Patch for Windows provides the ability to scan all Windows-based machines and VMware ESXi hypervisors in your network to assess the current patch status of those machines. Patch for Windows not only patches the Windows operating systems but applies third-party patches for apps you have installed. After completion of a scan, you can generate reports that provide additional details about the patch “health” of each machine. Patch for Windows can then be used automatically bring each machine up to date. Instruct the program to download and deploy the desired patches to the machines of your choosing. You then decide when the deployment will occur and if the machines should be restarted. Additional Patch for Window can provide email alerts that notify you when patches are available, and it can email the results of scans and other information you wish to share with selected users.

• Use the agentless features to reduce the footprint on physical and virtual servers
• Use the agent for on-premises systems that may need additional permissions or network configurations
• The cloud synchronization feature allows you to manage systems that don’t connect regularly to the corporate network
• Support for custom application patches
• Update VM Templates and Snapshots
• Scan and Deployment e-mail notification / reporting
• Pre-built and Custom Reporting

For those of you who have Linux/Unix Servers, expect later this year to have that functionality integrated into the Patch for Windows (Shavlik) Platform. One console to manage all server patching.

Ivanti Xtraction Dashboard Reporting
Ivanti Xtraction is a visualization tool that aggregates data from multiple databases into a single dashboard view, enabling you to interactively drill down and focus on the content that’s most important.

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