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Unifying Data Encryption

With the widest support for virtualized servers, to numerous public and private Clouds, WinMagic’s SecureDoc consolidates and simplifies encryption and key management strategies across any end point, virtualized or cloud IaaS environment. By providing a single platform and pane of glass, SecureDoc CloudVM increases enterprise security, ensures encryption compliance, reduces complexity and removes silos of encryption within your organization.

  • Unified Encryption and Key Management Enterprise-controlled key management Broad support for traditional endpoints, VDI, physical & virtual infrastructure, cloud Single intelligent policy framework, including time-based access, geo-location, clone controls and key lifecycle management
  • Physical & Virtual Native Encryption / Key Management from a Single Platform Multiple OS encryption across Bare-metal servers, virtualized servers, HCI platforms, storage platforms Extended support for VDI, VMs, Containers, Object and Block Storage, IoT
  • Increased Compliance Across the Enterprise Single pane of glass reporting and monitoring Vulnerability assessment by asset for audit purposes (secure / non-secure) Local tamper protections and new cloud workload authorization
  • Heterogeneous Cloud Control Unified support across public clouds including AWS, Azure, & Google Enterprise key management from hybrid private to public from the same management environment

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